Oregon State University

2018 Awards and Initiates of the Oregon State University Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi announced

We are proud to announce our 2018 awardees and member initiates of the Oregon State University Chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. The awards were presented at our initiation banquet held on February 6, 2018 on the main OSU campus in Corvallis, OR. 

Community Member and Keynote Speaker

  • Michael Belcher, OSU Alumnus and PhD Student at University California, Berkeley

Faculty Initiates

Emerging Scholar Award

Graduate Fellowship Award

  • Michael Belcher, Oregon State University
  • Brian Josephson, Oregon State University

Tunison Scholarship Award

  • Tabitha Pitzer, Oregon State University
  • Delaney Smith, Oregon State University
  • Jenna Fitzgerald, Oregon State University

First Year Writing Award (co-sponsored by School of Writing)

  • Chloe Grover, Oregon State University

Postdoctoral Scientist Award (New)

New invited members

  • Over 100 undergraduate and graduate students were also initiated at the ceremony

OSU-PKP IMPACT award (New)

The Oregon State University Phi Kappa Phi chapter is proud to announce the availability of two NEW $500 OSU-PKP IMPACT awards. These awards are established to support student projects that are congruent with the spirit of the Phi Kappa Phi motto, “Let the love of learning rule humanity”. Student activities can include superior scholarship in any academic discipline but outcomes must have a tangible impact that benefits communities of people. Applicants are recommended to consider the degree of impact and the scale of the community that is being benefited. Teamwork and field work are encouraged. 


We would also like to take a moment to acknowledge special guests and leaders from our university as follows who joined us to celebrate the achievements of our outstanding student initiates and faculty honorees. The initiates received the PKP pins and membership certificates from their respective college/school Leadership.

Dan Arp; Dean, College of Agricultural Sciences; Randy Bell; Associate Dean, College of Education; Kathy Bickel; Vice President Alumni Relations & Executive Director of the OSU Alumni Association; Steve Clark; Vice President, University Relations and Marketing; Theresa Filtz; Chair, Department of Pharmacy; John Fowler; Interim Department Head, Botany & Plant Pathology; Roy Haggerty; Dean, College of Science; Erin Heim; Head Advisor, Office of Student Success, College of Public Health and Human Sciences; Carlos Jensen; Associate Dean for Undergraduate Programs, College of Engineering; Bob Mason; Department Head, Integrative Biology; Mitzi Montoya; Sara Hart Kimball Dean, College of Business; Larry Rodgers, Dean, College of Liberal Arts; Randy Rosenberger; Associate Dean Student Success, College of Forestry and Yanyun Zhao; Associate Dean, Graduate School.

Many invitees were accompanied by their family, friends and guests to grace the occasion.

Congratulations everyone on your high academic achievements and your initiation into the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi. We are honored to welcome you as new members of the society.

Executive Committee Members