Oregon State University


The chapter officers wish to express their gratitude to Past Chapter President and National President J. Kenneth Munford for providing so many details concerning the history of both the local chapter and national organization. This history is based on an early one written by William H. Carlson, Director Emeritus of the OSU Libraries and edited by Mr. Munford. The last printing was in 1979. The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi National Office publishes a history and bylaws on its web site and provided the OSU chapter information concerning the chapter members and early officers. In addition the following references from the University Archives were used:”Oregon State University Catalogs,” 1924-25; 1934-61.

“Oregon State University Staff Directory,” 1904-67, Pub. 2-21A, Reel 1.

“Fussers Guide,” 1926-1942, Pub. 2-22C, Reel 2.

“The Beaver,” 1925, 1926, 1927.