Oregon State University

Society Emblem

At the center of the emblem of Phi Kappa Phi is a flattened globe surrounded by the rays of the sun in eight groups, signifying the equivalence of all branches of learning. This symbolism is prophetic in its emphasis on all kinds of learning and on the increasing global impact and the need for education of every kind. The seal of the Society consists of the emblem surrounded by the Walls of Troy, with three stars above, one for each of the three first chapters, and the words “Founded in 1897″ below. The ribbon of the Society has a design known in applied art as the Walls of Troy, symbolizing both the classical side of the society and the construction skills of the sciences, pure and applied.  From the beginning, Phi Kappa Phi has maintained a high standard for election to membership. The original plan called for the election of only the ten highest ranking students in the senior class. As the number of seniors in graduating classes increased, however, the permissible number was set at ten percent of the class. In practice, most of the larger chapters elect less than ten percent. Thus, those elected are truly students whose scholarship has been outstanding.