Oregon State University


CONGRATULATIONS to the Phi Kappa Phi award winners listed below.

Emerging Scholar Award

The OSU chapter of the Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi has established the Emerging Scholar Faculty Award in order to recognize non-tenured faculty for outstanding research or creative activity in his or her field of study. This award is open to faculty in the early stages of their professional careers and provides a one-year active membership in Phi Kappa Phi to the recipient. The award is open to all tenure track faculty from all academic units within OSU. Faculty need not be members of Phi Kappa Phi at the time of nomination. Nominees must be non-tenured faculty holding a tenure-track appointment at the rank of assistant professor. A majority of the work being evaluated must have been accomplished at OSU. Nominations are solicited from members of the OSU chapter during fall quarters. The winner(s) also receive a plaque when inducted into membership at the Initiation Banquet held in winter quarter.

For more information on nominations, please see the 2017 Phi Kappa Phi Emerging Scholar Award Flier.

Recipient Date Awarded
Megraw, Molly February 2017
Sikora, Aleksandra February 2016
McKnight-Nichols, Christopher May 2015
Fang, Chong May 2015
Hurst, Jonathan May 2014
Ha-Yeon Cheong, Paul May 2014
Jaiswal, Pankaj May 2013
Betts, Matt May 2012
Chang, Jeff May 2012
Roe, Shawn May 2011
Mockler, Todd C. May 2009
Davis, Loren May 2009
Hailemariam, Temesgen May 2009
MacTavish, Katherine May 2008
Ocamb, Cynthia May 2002
Li, Kaichang May 2002
Cebra, Christopher May 2001
Proteau, Philip J. May 2001

First Year Writing Award

The First Year Writing Award was established by the Oregon State Chapter of Phi Kappa Phi to recognize first year students who write outstanding essays in their English Composition (WR121) courses. Students in WR121 write three main papers each term with specific criteria for each paper. Outstanding essays are nominated by the instructors in WR121 from nearly 6,000 essays written each year. The criteria used to judge the essays are excellence in quality of thought, organization and coherence, style and technique.

Recipient Date Awarded
Andreyka, Ellie February 2017
Stember, Samantha February 2016
Briggs, Hunter May 2015
Denning, Chris May 2014
Lippincott, Keith May 2013
Johnson, Brayden May 2012
Ho, Stanley Jin Yu May 2011
Daly, Gavin May 2009
McVay, Eric Stephen May 2008
Field, Megan May 2001
Kinney, Patrick May 2001