Oregon State University

Winter 2017 OSU-PKP Meet & Greet session

To learn more about the membership and our activities we cordially invite you to our Winter 2017 PKP Information event to be held Today 1/18/2017, 6-7pm in the Valley Library room 3622 East. Our Student Vice presidents will answer your questions and provide information. Both potential new invitees and current members are welcome to attend the Winter event today.

Sometime back we have sent you an invitation to join the Honor Society of Phi kappa Phi. The invitation was sent to you since you are among the select few who qualified based on their performance and ranking in their college-wise class. If you are interested in joining and for some reason the invitation did not reach you please contact us. The top 7.5 percent of Juniors and top 10 percent of Seniors, graduate students, and professional students in each college at OSU are eligible for membership of the PKP Honors Society.

PKP is the nation’s oldest and largest all-discipline honor society (www.PhiKappaPhi.org). Invited members get an opportunity to build networks with peers in the professional and academic settings and helps them in building their career, and engage in community activities on campus.