OSU Phi Kappa Phi Impact Award

A new OSU-PKP IMPACT award is now available for OSU PKP members!

The Oregon State University Phi Kappa Phi chapter is proud to announce the availability of two NEW $500 OSU-PKP IMPACT awards. These awards were established to support student projects that are congruent with the spirit of the Phi Kappa Phi motto, “Let the love of learning rule humanity”. Student activities can include superior scholarship in any academic discipline but outcomes must have a tangible impact that benefits communities of people. Applicants are recommended to consider the degree of impact and the scale of the community that is being benefited. Teamwork and field work are encouraged.


Phi Kappa Phi members, or those who have accepted membership by March 31, 2018 and are currently enrolled as a full-time student at OSU, are eligible, and must be the primary applicant. A student can only be lead submitter on one application and be listed as a participant on no more than one additional application.

To apply

Visit the Google form to apply. The following information is required:

  1. Name of lead submitter student
  2. Major/Discipline
  3. Year you will graduate
  4. PKP initiation date
  5. Describe the community of interest that your project will benefit (limit of 150 words)
  6. Describe the goal(s) (limit of 150 words)
  7. Describe the process and timeline to achieve goal(s) and how the award will be used to support activities (limit of 300 words)
  8. List co-submitter name and email



Selection Criteria

Selection is based on the degree of impact and the scale of the community affected. Selection will also be based on whether the proposed activities are commensurate with the project goals as well as the empowerment of knowledge and skills. In the following academic year, awardees will be required to give a 5-minute presentation describing their project and current/future impact. Upon completion of activities, awardees must provide a summary (no longer than two pages) to the PKP chapter office. Follow-up activities by PKP members are encouraged.


The award is coordinated by our Faculty Vice Presidents Dr. Jeff Chang & Dr. Chong Fang. For questions email them by clicking here.